Development of Apps for iPhone and Android

Please contact me if you want do discuss the development off an app. The primary question you should ask yourself are: Who is the receiver of the app? And what will he/she achieve by using the app?

If you have an idea or a sketch for an app, I will gladly assist to concretize your ideas and tailor the right app to match your needs.

BitLizard Software is Klaus Vibjerg. I work with development of apps for iPhone and Android.

I have several years experience in project management and development for mobile platforms, and covers the entire process from concept and design to implementation and release in the App Store or Android Market.

BitLizard Software / Klaus Vibjerg
Krogengen 33
DK-2600 Glostrup

Phone: +45 2269 8118
LinkedIn: /in/vibjerg

CVR: 33678924